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For over 22 years, our law firm founder David Burleson and his team have fought for the rights of individuals, families, and business owners. His law firms have handled well over 10,000 bankruptcy cases in the State of Wisconsin, protecting his clients’ homes and assets and assisting them in obtaining financial freedom from all types of debt, including taxes and student loans.

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Are you facing harassment by creditors, lawsuits, wage garnishment, vehicle repossession or home foreclosure?

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If so, you need the expertise of a debt relief attorney at Burleson Legal Group. Our law practice is solely focused on filing cases under Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Wisconsin Statute Chapter 128. We know how to stop creditors in their tracks and devise a winning strategy for you to obtain a fresh financial start.

First, we evaluate whether you can avoid bankruptcy. That is where Wisconsin Chapter 128 may be the best strategy. Filing under Chapter 128 provides you with protection from those creditors listed in the case. It also allows you to pay back those debts over time, up to 36 months interest-free.

If bankruptcy is necessary, the moment we file your case, the court issues an order called an automatic stay. This order stops most all collection efforts immediately, no matter what stage the collection effort is in. It’s like a shield of protection that drops over you to end harassment, stop lawsuits and prevent further collection efforts by your creditors. Any further actions by them would be illegal.

You may then reorganize your finances in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or quickly discharge your debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In either case, you are afforded immediate breathing room without pressure from your creditors. If you complete your case to discharge, the court will issue an order forever preventing your creditors from ever pursuing you on those debts, giving you a fresh start.

Bankruptcy Attorney/Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is an important first step. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side translates into a winning strategy. We know the court, the trustees, and the ins and out of what is expected of you by the powers that be. We also know which trustee should be assigned to your Chapter 128 case, should that be your route. In bankruptcy, it is extremely important that your documents are properly prepared, and that you get solid advice when it comes to preparing for your hearing. The last thing you want is costly document amendments and embarrassing moments at the hearing. At Burleson Legal Group, our cases sail through the courts like clockwork.

How We Can Help?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision not to be taken lightly. We realize the stress you are under and have the compassion and knowledge to assist you. We thoughtfully approach your situation by listening to what and how you communicate. Our experience allows us to quickly identify your specific wishes and desirable outcome. From there, we craft a winning solution for you to alleviate stress and obtain a fresh start.

We will evaluate your financial information, thoroughly explain all your options and help you decide what route would be most beneficial for you and your financial goals. We will also tell you what to expect during the filing process and advise you in advance what to expect at each turn throughout the process. Each case has its own difficulties and risks. We promise to give you the straight, no-nonsense insight you deserve on what your case’s difficulties are and how to best avoid any issues arising from those difficulties.

Our lawyers are unique in that not only will they provide you with sound legal advice, they will prepare your paperwork from start to finish. That sounds simple but, obtaining information from you tends to be the most difficult part of preparing your case. When your attorney is your direct point of contact, it makes document preparation phase go much more smoothly. You will develop a comfortable and trusting relationship with your lawyer whose only goal is to see you succeed in achieving your financial goals.

Cost to File Bankruptcy

The court filing fees are fixed for each type of bankruptcy depending on the chapter you file under. Currently, a Chapter 7 filing fee is $338, and a Chapter 13 is $313. Attorney fees on the other hand are dependent on the complexity of the case. Burleson Legal Group makes every effort to stay competitive when quoting attorney fees. We charge a flat rate so that you know there won’t be any hidden costs to get your case filed. We also explain exactly what the attorney fee entails so there are no surprises after we file your case.

Attorney and filing fees must be paid prior to filing. This is the standard practice throughout the country. If we only collected part of our fee prior to filing then, we would have to list the balance of the fee in your bankruptcy case, and that balance would be subject to discharge. Law firms that claim zero down Chapter 7 bankruptcy are attempting to skirt around the rules, which could be a sign they skirt in other areas of their practice.

Burleson Legal Group understands the financial difficulty you face, so we offer easy flexible payments that fit your budget. If these flexible payments arrangements worked for more than 10,000 of our former bankruptcy clients, we are confident they will work for you.

Most Common Debt Relief Options

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The simplest form of bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to permanently eliminate debts, such as credit cards and medical bills, while often allowing you to retain most if not all of your personal property. This is the most common form of debt relief.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a unique tool to re-organize and catch up on important bills that may have fallen behind, such as a house payment. Burleson Legal Group will work with you to help design a budget that allows you to catch up and keep the property that you want, while still permanently eliminating a large portion of your unsecured debts.

Chapter 128 Bankruptcy (Wisconsin Residents Only)

Chapter 128 is not a bankruptcy, but rather a state law available only to Wisconsin residents. Known as a personal amortization, Chapter 128 takes the terms of debt repayment or negotiation out of the hands of the creditor and empowers you to pay down your debts on your terms without hefty fees and interest. Chapter 128 is especially effective in dealing with payday or cash advance loans, often drastically slashing monthly or bi-weekly payments.


I hired Burleson Legal Group in 2013. My case was complex, and David Burleson immediately recommended a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He was very professional and knew his business well. Dave helped me in all aspects throughout my case. After 5 years of plan payments I successfully received my bankruptcy discharge. I had a great experience with Dave. He was easy to work with and his knowledge of the law was a spot on. I’ve referred multiple clients to Dave over the years. I highly recommend anyone going through the process to reach out to him. You won’t be disappointed at all.

Andy F.

I was involved in an uninsured auto accident in 2018 and was faced with losing my driver’s license. I reached out to Burleson Legal Group and spoke with Attorney David Burleson. Dave’s knowledge and welcoming personality made it comfortable to reach out and ask for his legal help. The whole process went smooth and seemed way less intimidating because he always took the time to explain in detail the documents and information required. I highly recommend Burleson Legal Group to anyone who may find themselves in need of his help with a similar issue.

Janelle K.

We hired Dave Burleson of Burleson Legal Group in late 2020. I am disabled, and after years of compiling medical expenses, combined with the pandemic which caused my husband’s lay-off from a high paying job, we were unable to meet our financial requirements. We desperately needed help and guidance. Dave Burleson was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and up front with us as he led us through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Dave made what could have been a very time-intensive and stressful process flow smoothly. I would happily and confidently recommend Dave Burleson to my family and friends.

Wayne and Andrea B.

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