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What is so unique about Burleson Legal Group? Aren’t there other experienced bankruptcy law firms out there? Over the last 22 years, our founder attorney David Burleson has only represented debtors seeking debt relief and has never represented a creditor. That’s because he has a true passion for serving those in need and helping them get the fresh start they deserve.

Additionally, Dave has also learned a thing or two, both good and bad, from owning and managing a large multi-state bankruptcy law firm called Fresh Start Legal Group.

The good: his continued focus on educating his clients about the bankruptcy process works well to alleviate his client’s stress and makes the process more efficient for everyone involved.

The bad: multiple staff and multiple attorneys worked on any given file which led to confusion, miscommunications, and lack of trust.

Well, no more! At Burleson Legal Group, each client is assigned only one individual bankruptcy attorney. That attorney is the same attorney you first consulted with and remains your point of contact from start to finish. There are no paralegals or assistants who work on your case, just your attorney. They know your case like the back of their hand, having gotten to know you throughout the process. We believe this personalized attention sets us apart from other experienced bankruptcy firms. 608-268-9073

Chapter 7

The simplest form of bankruptcy, a Chapter 7 allows you to permanently eliminate debts, such as credit cards and medical bills, while often allowing you to retain most if not all of your personal property. This is the most common form of debt relief.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a unique tool to re-organize and catch up on important bills that may have fallen behind, such as a house payment. Burleson Legal Group will work with you to help design a budget that allows you to catch up and keep the property that you want.

Chapter 128
(Wisconsin Residents Only)

Chapter 128 is not a bankruptcy, but rather a state law available only to Wisconsin residents. Known as a personal amortization, Chapter 128 takes the terms of debt repayment or negotiation out of the hands of the creditor and empowers you to pay down your debts.

Life After Bankruptcy

In the aftermath of filing for bankruptcy you may feel a sense of great relief. But this is just the beginning of your fresh start. At Burleson Legal Group, your attorney will advise you on how to rebuild your credit as quickly as possible. Your success is our success.

Common ways to rebuild your credit:

  • Create a successful budget and don’t make unnecessary purchases.
  • Keep up on non-bankrupt debts like student loans, your mortgage and vehicle payments.
  • Try to maintain long-term employment and avoid job hopping.
  • Obtain a secured credit card and use it each month. However, do not exceed 30% of its credit limit and pay it off in full each month before its statement date
  • Obtain a credit rebuilder loan. Newer loan products that are tailored to rebuild credit.
  • Monitor your credit report regularly. You get one free credit report from each of the 3 credit bureaus every year.
  • Immediately dispute all errors on the credit reports once discovered.
  • Contact us immediately to satisfy Wisconsin judgments entered against you prior to filing bankruptcy.

At Burleson Legal Group our goal is that each client attains their personal financial goals.

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In early 2020 I contacted David Burleson with questions regarding Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He is very knowledgeable and helped me understand the process. My case was finished in less than 5 months. While working with Dave the information he requested was clear and easy to follow. He was able to handle the complexity of my case dealing with multiple states and was willing to do additional work and research to complete my case. I would recommend David to anyone who is considering bankruptcy.
Cecilia M.

In 2017 our home was in foreclosure and after careful consideration we hired David Burleson of Burleson Legal Group. Dave answered all our questions and kept us updated throughout our 5-year Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He worked with us to get through all the challenges we faced. He was always professional yet added his personal touches reassuring us throughout. While we are excited to put this behind us, we couldn’t have done it without Dave’s expertise. We would recommend Burleson Legal Group to our family and friends and we truly appreciate everything Dave did to help us.
Bruce & Ellen L.

In late 2019 I was in serious debt with credit cards, loans etc. and I was having a tough time trying to move past all of that. I really didn’t know what to do. I called Burleson Legal Group, and Dave himself provided me with some options that included a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Dave did a great job of explaining everything in detail when answering my many questions. He patiently providing me with as much information and detail it took to reassure me throughout my case. I truly feel that I was lucky to have Dave’s expertise spearheading this whole process and I could not have done it without him. I would gladly recommend Dave’s office to my family and friends without any hesitation. I know that Dave would provide them with the same type of comfort and knowledge that he has shown me.
Joe B.

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