Stop Wage Garnishment

Stop Wage Garnishments

In Wisconsin judgment creditors, like those who sue you for unpaid credit cards, personal loans, medical bills etc. can only garnish your wages after obtaining a judgment against you. Most often that lawsuit is filed in the county court in which you live. You can search to see whether a lawsuit has been filed against you and a judgment entered by typing in Wisconsin Circuit Court Access or WI CCAP on your web browser. Just enter your name, county and other identifying information and the website should bring up any lawsuits filed against you in that county. You can also do a statewide search. If you are being garnished or anticipate a wage garnishment then you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Burleson Legal Group to speak with one of our experienced debt relief lawyers today. We can stop wage garnishment or prevent it from ever happening.

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Bankruptcy Stops Wage Garnishment

When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay is created which immediately stops judgment creditors from taking any legal action or pursuing ongoing collection against you, including wage garnishment. We can even go back 90 days from the bankruptcy filing and see about getting the garnished wages taken during that time period back in your pocket. Too often people delay in contacting us and then they end up losing out on recouping a significant amount of money, being the garnished wages taken more than 90 days prior to filing.

Wisconsin Chapter 128 Stops Wage Garnishment

If bankruptcy isn’t for you, then filing a Wisconsin Chapter 128 Debt Amortization will also stop a judgment creditor from garnishing or continuing to garnish your wages. Even though you are paying the creditor back, you are doing on your terms and not theirs. A Chapter 128 may also cut your monthly obligation, depending on the amount of the debt, because you are now spreading the repayment over 36 months rather than losing 20% of disposable income each month. Another nice feature of a Chapter 128 is that you can always pay it off early i.e. with a tax refund, gift money etc. without ever having to file bankruptcy. At Burleson Legal Group, we can’t stress enough that when it comes to wage garnishment you should not delay in contacting us. One of our experienced attorneys can evaluate your unique situation, run the numbers and provide you with a winning plan to a debt free life today.

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